• 40-year-old women’s backpacks are exquisite, the 3 kinds of bags are best to carry less, the money should be spent on the blade

    There is more than one beauty in this world. On the contrary, this is a colorful world, and there are many kinds of beauty. There is no conclusion so far. Of course, the beauty recognized by most people is the classic beauty. 40-year-old women should pursue mature beauty. The beauty of a girl who...
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  • How to Pick a Backpack

    As we all know, handbags are popular with women. When you go shopping, how do you choose bags with high cost performance?now let me  tell you. 1、To determine the size of a backpack, or the size of a backpack, we usually use liters, but some countries also use CU IN as a unit (1000 cubic inches i...
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  • DEEPTH | Luxury goods are necessities in China?

    DEEPTH | Luxury goods are necessities in China?

    The Chinese consumer has become the invisible hand that has propelled the global luxury goods industry to explode in the past decade. With LVMH reaching a final agreement with Tiffany, the US jewellery brand, the eyes of the global market are turning to the luxury goods sector.According to the fa...
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  • Analysis on the current situation and Development Trend of the global backpack industry in 2018: China’s retail sales ranked first

    Retail sales in China account for nearly 30 per cent of the market As global living and consumption standards continue to rise and the growing popularity of outdoor activities, all kinds of backpacks have become indispensable accessories around people.Driven by market demand, global retail sales ...
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    Exhibition Introduction The Milan International Leather Fair in Italy is divided into two seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter series, held at the Milan International Exhibition Center. The spring consists of three professional parts: the International Leather Clothing Fair (MIFUR), the Int...
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  • Retro bag

    Retro bag

    Retro fashion, this year’s focus in the field of women’s bags, lies in the characteristics of the pattern. After Dior and Gucci rebuilt the original old flower pattern and won a lot of praise, the retro logo old flower pattern has become the most popular pattern in recent years. This ...
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  • Black gold bag

    Black gold bag

    Inadvertently found that the once unpopular black gold briefcase has become a new trend in 2019. In the spring and summer shows, whether herm è s, famous for its elegance or Gucci, famous for its traditional classics, all kinds of big brands have launched the traditional black gold package. The b...
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